Are there any local caregiver support groups in my area?

I take care of my my mom who is in the early/mid stages of Alzheimer's. It's very important for caregivers to have safe place to express themselves & know they're not alone.

Scot Cheben
Scot Cheben
Senior Advisor

There are different places to look both within the church and outside the church.  If you are looking for assistance outside the church a good place to start is the Huntington Hospital Senior Care Network Resource Center.  They offer day-time and evening meeting groups.  This will give you the opportunity to share your feelings and exchange information and ideas.

 Here is a small write up on it.  

If you are caring for an older adult or an adult with a disability, need information on community resources or have questions about aging, get answers to your questions from a Huntington Hospital Senior Care Network professional. Our Resource Center can also provide referrals to care-management providers throughout the United States.
Call (626) 397-3110 or (800) 664-4664 to learn more. Cost: Free. 

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