What is the estimated monthly cost of in home around the clock assisted living?

Scot Cheben
Scot Cheben
Senior Advisor

So according to the 2015 "cost of care" published by Genworth, the Alabama state median is $3,075/month for a (private) one bedroom assisted living facility.  In Mobile AL, the same setting is $3553/month.  Highest in Alabama was in Anniston at $4150 and the lowest was Gadsden coming in at $2503.  These are average costs for the area where some might be higher or lower.  Please contact the facilities in the area and discuss their policies with them about "around the clock care".  Some are managed/billed differently than others.  Other options might be to hire a home care company to offset the skills and or the hours that the facility doesn't cover.  This would be an added expense. I hope this helps.   

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