If a parent ends up in nursing home is the nursing home entitled to contents of their home as collateral in Kansas

My dad is 81 . He recently lost wife. He does not want to move in with any of his kids yet. Took him to Dr and the Dr said he could stay at home by himself for now. But if he ends up in hospital or gets sick and the Dr finds he is not taking care of himself he could end up in nursing home. And if he ends up there could the nursing home get possession of the content of his home?

Chris Cooper
Chris Cooper
Private Fiduciary, Trustee,Conservator, Financial Advisor

No, contents of his home do not count as assets that must be spent in order to qualify for nursing home vendor payments by Medicaid in ANY state in the USA.   Collectibles, coins, art, and other contents do not count.  But in some states the house counts as an asset, and has to sold and proceeds spent in order to qualify for Medicaid, but some states lets' you keep your house if you go in a nursing home, but no income to pay the property taxes or upkeep.  Go figure... 

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