My grandfather has been diagnosed with early Alzheimer, what steps should I take now to prepare for his condition before it gets worse?

Vanessa Terzian
Vanessa Terzian
Estate Planning Attorney

An Elder Care Attorney can guide families through this process.  The process begins with a review of any Estate Planning Documents your grandfather may have (and if they don’t have any it is time to make sure they do). Estate planning documents would include Powers of attorney, medical directive, a Will and a trust, if appropriate. It is important to update the documents to make sure that your grandfather has a plan for what happens when you don’t die but need long term care.  A long term care plan will prepare for the inevitable need for long term care, making sure plans are in place so that your grandfather can qualify for public benefits such as Medicaid and Veteran’s Benefits.  Long Term Planning is designed to leverage and protect assets.  The goal is to make sure that as the family travels this road that your grandfather is able to get the care they need and that their money lasts until the end of life.  The road can be long and there will be many choices along the way: Can grandfather stay at home with caregivers?  Which Assisted Living is best?  Does grandfather need Skilled Care? How can we pay for this?  What do we do next? An elder care/law attorney can help with these decisions and the choices are not the same for each family, which is why you would want to work with one that creates a relationship with the  clients and their families that starts with updating their planning while they can continue to provide advocacy and guidance along the way.

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